Roger Mills County, Oklahoma, USA

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Roll One Room School House

Roll One Room School House

The Roll one-room school was one of 101 one room schools that dotted Roger Mills County in the early 1900’s.  The school was built in 1903 for $200 by the fathers of the community under the direction of  Mr. Bill Hanawalt.  In 1943, the school consolidated with Crawford and the building became a community center.  The ladies rolled bandages for the war effort and when WWII was over, they decided to form a quilting club which met until 1989.  The school also hosted community dinners and events.

In 1990, it was the only one room school left in the county that had been preserved.  It was given by Vera Caudle (on whose land it stood) to the Historic Roger Mills Preservation Foundation and moved to Cheyenne that fall.  Five people spear-headed the restoration project and it was dedicated on April 4, 1991.  The next week, classes began.   The school is located on Highway 283 on the South edge of Cheyenne.


Area fourth grades are invited to come and experience a “Hands-On” history lesson pretending it is 1910.  When they enter the door of the school, their president is William Howard Taft, they write with ink pen, and slates are in use.  They bring their lunch in buckets, play games of ante-over, marbles, jump rope, stilts, etc.


You are welcome to visit the classes in September, October, April and May from 9:30 – 1:30 most days.  (It is best to call for the schedule).  If school is not in session, the building can be opened for your enjoyment by the curator of the museums.  If you come after hours, you will find window signs which serve as a self-guided tour of the school.


If you have a special group (retired teachers, Sr. Citizens, girl scouts, etc), arrangements for special programs can be made by calling (580) 497-3882 or 497-2106.  Handicapped accessible, parking and restrooms.  Address is P.O. Box 34, Cheyenne, OK 73628.

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