Roger Mills County, Oklahoma, USA

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 Oklahoma Map with Roger Mills County

Welcome to Roger Mills County which is located on the West side of the State of Oklahoma.  You can help keep the site up to date.  Just click here if you have suggestions, corrections, or comments.  I am Glenn Green, the site coordinator.

Map of Roger Mills County

Roger Mills County (outlined in green)

The purpose of this web site is to provide information to prospective visitors of Roger Mills County.  We hope to promote tourism as well as provide information for residents.  This site is non-profit and is funded and maintained by volunteers of Roger Mills County, Oklahoma.


We hope to show items of interest in the County including museums, recreation facilities, churches, schools, towns, historical sites, and much more.   It is your responsibility to be sure your entity is properly listed on this web site.


For County information of a historical/genealogical nature, visit  For other information about the County including businesses, visit


Roger Mills County is named after Roger Q. Mills (1832-1911), a Texas lawyer, Civil War Confederate officer, and a United States congressman and senator.  We are proud of the many activities and facilities provided by Roger Mills County residents.


Battle of the Washita Memorial Granite

Historically, Roger Mills County is best known as the location where General George Custer attacked the Cheyenne Indians on the Washita River near Cheyenne, Oklahoma in 1868. The Battle Site is now preserved as a National Historic Site just West of Cheyenne.